Thursday, September 8, 2011

Redirecting a domain to another

I've registered my first blog,, with its own .com domain using Blogspot, which was quite easy. After that, I wanted to register my local .com domain,, and redirect it to the .com. The steps were easy

  1. Register my domain. I did it with NIC AR, Argentina's domain manager
  2. Choose a DNS server. I used Afraid DNS, which is free. I created an account, and added my domain as a domain (duh!)
  3. Delegate the domain to a DNS server. I did it via NIC AR also, delegating it to Afraid's DNS servers (you'll see the ips and the addresses in the Domain menu inside Afraid)
  4. Create a redirection. In Afraid, go to the Web Forward menu, and choose the address to redirect your domain to. You can also do this via CNAME and A entries, but that's a story for another time
That's it! You'll probably have to wait for a couple of hours (your domain might appear as BROKEN in Afraid) until the registrar delegates the DNS

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