Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zotero on Chrome

Now it is possible to use Zotero directly from Chrome, no more opening Firefox just to browse and save papers.
It is recommended to also install Zotero Standalone, as that will work as a central repository for all you Zotero plugins (Chrome, Firefox and Safari). You can make it work with Zotero for Firefox being the central, but it isn't recommended.
Also, you should create a Zotero account to sync up your data to the Zotero server and keep it in a safe place. Definitely the best extension for managing papers

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Redirecting a domain to another

I've registered my first blog,, with its own .com domain using Blogspot, which was quite easy. After that, I wanted to register my local .com domain,, and redirect it to the .com. The steps were easy

  1. Register my domain. I did it with NIC AR, Argentina's domain manager
  2. Choose a DNS server. I used Afraid DNS, which is free. I created an account, and added my domain as a domain (duh!)
  3. Delegate the domain to a DNS server. I did it via NIC AR also, delegating it to Afraid's DNS servers (you'll see the ips and the addresses in the Domain menu inside Afraid)
  4. Create a redirection. In Afraid, go to the Web Forward menu, and choose the address to redirect your domain to. You can also do this via CNAME and A entries, but that's a story for another time
That's it! You'll probably have to wait for a couple of hours (your domain might appear as BROKEN in Afraid) until the registrar delegates the DNS